Choosing The Right Table Skirting

Choosing The Right Table SkirtingWhether you are attending a trade show, planning a wedding or hosting a banquet, the right table skirting can make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of your event. For gatherings like wedding receptions and banquets, table skirts can provide a touch of elegance, helping to pull together the look of the room. At trade shows, on the other hand, they can provide a hidden place where you can store marketing materials, samples or other goods.

Getting the look that you want starts by choosing the right skirting. The following tips will help you select the right table skirts for your next event:

1. Start by considering the shape of the table. Whether you have round, square or rectangular tables will determine which style of skirting is appropriate.

2. Take accurate measurements of your table. Getting a great fit with a table skirt relies on having precise measurements. Be sure to measure both the length and width of the table, as well as the height. All three measurements are necessary for getting a great fit.

3. Think about the type of material that is appropriate for your event. For example, for fancy events such as weddings or banquets, you may want to opt for fine linen or other elegant types of fabric. For something more casual such as a children’s parties, however, you may be able to get by with a less expensive plastic skirt instead.

4. Choose the color carefully. Because it reaches from the top of the table to the floor, skirting takes up a lot of visual space in a room. Because of this, the colors that you choose can have a dramatic visual impact on the look and feel of the space. Think about what you want the finished room to look like and plan your colors accordingly. For instance, if you are going for a clean, elegant look, try using white table skirts. If, on the other hand, want something more festive, try mixing colors in bright, bold shades of pink, yellow, green, red, purple or blue.

5. Next, think about the style of skirting that you want. Generally, there are two main types of pleats that you can choose. The first type is box pleating, where two creases face in opposite directions with a raised area in between. The second style is a shirred pleat, which is created by gathering the fabric together to create small, even draping. Different manufacturers may also offer other styles of pleating, so be sure to shop around to find the right look for your event.
6. Think about how easy the skirts are to install and remove. Most modern table skirts install with Velcro tape, although there are other installation methods available. Ideally you should look for skirting that can be hung in a matter of minutes.

These are just a few of the main factors to consider when shopping for table skirting. By carefully thinking about your needs and the look you are going for, you can find the perfect skirting for your next event.

Table Skirting – Everything you need to know

table skirtingAre you in the process of planning a formal or semi-formal event that will take place soon? If so, then you should know that one of the most important aspects of your preparation should be the table decorations.

Of course, you would need to have tables during the event, as this is where people would be sitting in groups, talking, eating, drinking, and having fun. Properly decorating a table is a must, so that the guests will find it visually appealing and overall comfortable. This is where the art of table skirting comes in to place.

Skirting a Table – A Brief Overview

Basing from the term itself, the functions of table skirts is similar to how skirts used by people are – for dressing up. Making use of these pieces of cloth to dress up a table is one of the most popular and best ways to enhance the aesthetic aspects of tables. They provide tables with a professional appearance, which is a must for events such as meetings, functions, conferences, and buffet presentations. Since table arrangements are often the focal points of these events, it only makes sense to make them as nice looking as possible.

What Skirting a Table is All About

Table skirting, in essence, is the art of decoratively covering tables. These can be a side table, an end table, and/or other accent tables. They are not to be confused with tablecloths, since the latter do not always cover the entire top and sides of a table. Another difference between table skirts and tablecloths is that the former generally drape down all the way to the floor.

You should also know that there are a number of purposes and reasons as to why skirting of tables are done. While the main function is to decorate them beautifully and professionally, these pieces of cloths also have a few practical purposes.

Decorative Functions

In terms of decorative purposes, a table skirt acts similarly to how a tablecloth does – in the way that it usually covers a table not only on the top, but on all sides as well. And while it is true that table skirts can often be attached just to the table’s perimeter, which means that the top of the table can be left exposed and open, most of the decorative fabrics used in table skirting will cover not only the top surface, but the sides as well. Skirts that either cover the entire table or just the sides (perimeter) are sure to be a nice and practical furniture accent.

Practical Functions

In terms of being practical, table skirts can also do a good job. For example, if there is a side table that features a shelving system underneath that serves as a storage area, skirting it is a great way to hide the items that will be put here. Aside from its function of decoratively presenting the piece of furniture, having it skirted will also make the overall appearance of the table nicer to look at.

Table skirting can also be effective for making use of pieces of furniture that no longer go perfectly with the rest of the furniture. This also holds true for furniture that already have worn out finishing but are still quite sturdy. By simply using table skirts that complement the rest of the furnishings and decors, this old piece of furniture can instantly be transformed.

Aside from these, the use of table skirts can also work great for dressing up folding tables during trade conventions, craft shows, and other corporate or commercial events. There are skirts that have been designed and manufactured specifically for the use of covering folding tables, and these are great if you are pressed for time. Folding tables, seeing that they often have storage areas below, can also benefit from the use of table skirting, such as what has been mentioned previously.

Most Common Types of Pleats Used in Skirts

There are many different types of pleat styles used in table skirts. In other words, you have many options to choose from, and it is guaranteed that you will find one that will best suit the rest of the motif or theme you have in mind. Some of the most common and popular pleat styles used in table skirting are the following:


  • Shirred Pleats
  • Accordion Pleats
  • Boxed Pleats
  • Continuous Pleats
  • Banded Pleats


Choosing the Right Material for a Table Skirt


One thing that you should know about table skirting is that these pieces of cloths are available in a number of different materials. Of course, some are a lot better than the others, as they are stronger, more durable, longer-lasting, and overall, more pleasing to look at.

So with this being said, here are some tips on how to choose the right material when making a selection from the various options you have for table skirts.


  • First and foremost, you should know that skirts are constructed from various materials. The most common ones include polyester, plastic, vinyl, cotton, paper, linen, and satin. While plastic and vinyl are two of the cheapest kinds of materials, it does not necessarily mean that you should already get them.


  • If you tend to host parties multiple times in a month or a year, it would be a lot better for you to stick to the more durable table skirting materials, which are cotton, linen, satin, and other cloth fabrics. Again, these are much more durable and longer-lasting, which means that you can use them over and over again and they withstand the test of time.


  • If you will be covering tables that are average in size, go for fabric table skirts – these are almost always available in the size that you are looking for.


  • While plastic and vinyl skirts are inexpensive, you should know that they are disposable and will almost always end up in the trash after a single use. If you will not be needing one for a long time, that may be fine with you. But again, it is much better if you stick to table skirts that are stronger, such as the cloth variants.

Diabetes Protocol May Be the Key To Saying Goodbye To Diabetes

The diagnoses of diabetes is becoming more and more common, and the disease effects massive numbers of people all over the world. According to statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO), worldwide there are 347 million people living with Diabetes, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), statistics reveal that there are 9.3%, or 29.1 million people living with Diabetes in the United States. Of those persons that actually have the disease, 21.0 percent of them have been diagnosed, and the other 8.1 million people remain undiagnosed.
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With as much information that has been disseminated throughout the years, there have been no viable claims that the condition known as Diabetes could ever be reversed, nor has the medical community found a cure for the disease either. Dr. Pullman’s Diabetes Protocol Program takes dispels the misconceptions and the myths that have been generated and regenerated about Diabetes. Take a look at some of the valuable information that you will learn as a part of the Diabetes Protocol Program.
The Symptoms of Diabetes
You can’t resolve a problem if you don’t even realize that you have one, and the same is true for the 8.1 million people that are living in the United States with Diabetes that have no idea that they even have it, and in many cases, for those that have the disease and have just settled into the notion that life is just sort of is what it is, and so they take whatever is prescribed for them, and never bother to educate themselves beyond that. When you take a closer look at the symptoms of Diabetes, it is fairly easy to see why it is called the silent killer.

Constant thirst


Urinating more than normal

Constant hunger

Visual changes like blurry vision

Non healing wounds

Numbness or tingling of the feet or hands

Vaginal yeast infections

Sexual dysfunction


Diabetes by Any Other Name is Not the Same
Generally when you hear people talk about Diabetes, it is more or less spoken of in very broad terms, and all types of the disease are generally lumped in together, however there is more than one type of diabetes, and the Diabetes Protocol Program explains the differences between them. Specifically, Dr. Pullman has a greater focus on Type I and Type II Diabetes, as his research has shown that the use of his program has been an effective treatment for both types of the disease.


Here Is What Makes the Diabetes Protocol Program Different
Dr. Pullman’s program is diet based, and comprehensive as it is is more than just a diet or a guide. Even better than that, you will never be asked to say no to your favorite foods. This approach to treating diabetes will teach you how the kidneys and the liver release glucose into your circulatory system and why is may not have anything to do with the amount of sugar that is actually ingested. You will learn how the actions of certain enzymes and proteins actually control the release of glucose in the body.
Diabetes is a complex disease that if not controlled properly can diminish your quality of life, and in severe cases cause the loss of limbs, and even death. Education is the key to life, and learning what to look for in terms of symptoms of Diabetes, places you ahead of the curve when it comes to fighting or preventing the disease. You could change your life and be a healthier you in 19 days by following The Diabetes Protocol Program.
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